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What is Teen of Impact?

Teen of Impact is all about creating opportunities for good heart health in communities across the country. During this 9-week competition, young people who want to make a difference are empowered to take action for their own hearts and the hearts of the people who mean the world to them. ​

Nominees from across the country create Impact Teams, and together, they use their social networks to spread the word about heart health, raise money for life-saving research, and advocate for the well-being of all people.  And here’s the cool part: as they do all this, they earn points for the impact they’re making in their community and beyond. ​

At the end of the campaign, the nominee who makes the biggest impact and raises the most funds in their local community is announced as the Teen of Impact winner in their city. But that’s not all – the nominee who earns the most points across the entire country is named the National Teen of Impact Winner by the American Heart Association. 

Be a part of the movement that is changing the future of heart health for everyone, everywhere.

Congratulations 2023 National Teen of Impact Winner, Paige Levine!
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Winner Image

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